Monday, October 4, 2010

The Girl with the Purple Parrot

I just watched a really good movie, my dad said. The Girl with the Purple Parrot. You should rent it.

I cocked my head, thought a bit. You mean The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

Yeah, that's the one. Girl's a weirdo, but she can do anything with a computer. It's sort of mysterious. They don't explain how.

I know, I said. I read the book.

You always read the book.

Yup, I agreed, that's my thing.

Anyway, my dad continued, she went after this guy with a three-iron. Then she chased him on a motorcycle until he crashed, then she watched him burn. Then the guy asks, Did you see him die, and she says, Yeah. And then he says, I wouldn't have done that but I won't judge you.

We sat, my dad and I, and pondered vigilante justice for a minute.

So--my dad perks up--do you recognize the current event there? Ripped right from the headlines.

Motorcycles. A chase. Fatal crash. Princess Di? I asked.

What? No. He shakes his head, adds helpfully: Woman with a three-iron? A certain golfer who shall remain nameless?

Oh, I said. Duh.

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