Monday, November 1, 2010

A Better Mousetrap

Yesterday I had one of those days of paralyzing fear. The blank page looked so white. And empty. So I decided it was time to buy a rat trap.

We've had a rat in our back courtyard for some months now. At first he wasn't very reliable--there were weeks between sightings. But a few days ago he moved into a little hole under the air conditioning unit and now he scampers from one bush to the next all day long.

I will say this about rats: they are industrious. I am not, as you will discover.

My father suggested I use one of those have-a-heart traps. But when I told Sam that was my plan, he talked me out of having a heart. Where was I going to release the rat? he wanted to know. There are no vast, anonymous woods around here anymore, so basically I'd just be dumping my rat into someone else's backyard.

So I bought a springloaded trap for $3.

And then $30 worth of cheese.

And then a bottle of wine.

And that put an end to writing for the day.

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